January 02, 2012

Mercurial Metamorphosis

A caterpillar on the leaf
was dreaming in the sunlight...
crawling on a stem,
it would stare
at the stars at night.
The leaves were dreaming too
as the stems grew
along their side.

The moon,
 was changing faces

while the caterpillar
imagined places,

it would visit
 after it died…..

The butterfly woke up with a start...
"What a nightmare" - she thought.
The colors on the wings had spread
and shaded those images of the dead.

She flew into the forest
and basked in the dawn.
The sun was smiling
at the leaves
and a new world
slowly began to crawl.

Pollen worlds
within the flowers
were hidden
between the twirls.
A fragrance
of enchantment
was dancing
like young girls.

The birds sang a song
that belonged
to the new morning.
The chrysalis
stayed still,
in the memories
of the evening.


The earth continued to move
and the stars continued too...
The galaxy
- if one could see -
was spinning
about its center
...completely free,
like me and you.

is infinity...
alternating with

But all of this
is in the mind

which is present
here and now

in a moment
of eternity.