November 19, 2012

cycles of life

The water lily had preyed upon its sister.
Her beauty had spread out horribly, 
like blood,
 oozing out from a beautiful corpse.

The birds had ruined their nest,
by building it atop,
 some people's house.
Aroused by the sound,
the humans had found,
the twigs and dried leaves,
woven in cotton and threads -
white and slightly dark brown,
untethered feathers and some bread.

Some preferences have been erased.

But what do you care,
its all the same to you,

Now and then, 
when the colors are penned, 
the voices find their way.

If I had only one more day...
I would have changed it any way.

Heartbeats stopped
at the devil's feet,
who was repeatedly strolling
on that lonely street. 
If I could meet 
just one more god,
he thought 
as he stood
and watched in defeat.

Wet from the brains
of some straining lad.
The devil pushed his feet,
as he pulled out his wad.

Within the treasures
was buried a thought, 

"nothing is as it should be,
but thats all you have got."

The water lily,
she had died by now.
 the beast
could hear 
the sparrow shout.

She was chirping
to her only mate
about their fate,
and how to go about.

June 26, 2012

Infinite Loop Cycles in Thermodynamic Disequilibrium

Above the list of several fake followers, there rested a humble being.
In spite of the crises evolving in the rest of the world, beings like him (or her) would find for themselves the part of space that served the purpose of a mellow sanctuary.
The birds were whispering secret thoughts in his ears.
He was only listening to the melodies clustered over the fabric of the worldly chaos below.
Some would have mistaken him for a god.
Some would have shunned him as an outcast.
But such were the times that no one cared for such thoughts and behaviors any more than the wooden posts hanging as relics of ancient cell phone towers.
The world had gone busier than a swarm of bees if they were OCD and high on acid spiked with cocaine and coffee. 
One could just not remain indifferent to the tidal waves of change that were now gushing through history like some battle fleet about to erupt from the shadows of frighteningly ambiguous depths. 

Below him the singularities accumulated in the form of a multitude of restless motions and dreams.
The turbulence of the universe had infected the core.
It was no more like it was before.
Collective minds remained suspended in some washed out medium of colluded conundrums.
Burning deep within them remained a clandestine flame of an image of freedom.
The thoughts were far from here and now.
The crowds were no more indistinguishable from the gassy sound effects ringing in the air as the wind pushed the clouds.

His thoughts exactly. 
Why were the winds moving so unidirectionally for the past few months?
The weather reports seemed like hazy recollections of noise.
The pieces of the puzzle were seriously missing.
The data remained hidden like a secret flame within, safely guarded by the layers of disbelief and doubt.
Only decadence appeared to be the potential solution out of this self-induced Ennui.
The sounds had begun to get louder as he struck a chord on the metal seat he was so carelessly perched on.

The bullet whizzed by barely missing him.
He was startled into action.
The next shot hit him in the head, penetrating his skull and lodging momentarily in the occipital lobe before exiting out from the temples, like some mythical hero emerging out from the backdrop of a dying world.
A clean shot, 
thought the hunter with no name.

After this everything was the same:

The world instantly disappeared.
The view was replaced by a different type of being.
Some sort of a soothing hum persisted.
Breathing was no more an effort like it was just a few minutes ago.
Some sort of suspended animation seemed to shift through his entire body.

2 cells became 4 and within a few days there was a blastocyst. 

May 28, 2012

Syncopation without Punctuation.

Suddenly. ...
Shockingly and abruptly.
Some may even say....Alarmingly.
Like a vortex appearing in the middle of a calm sea.
The thoughts erupted through the crevices of matter. 
Through the meat.
The soup.
The vegetables and the plants and the animals....
And the Bees.
All living things.
All the noise-
Slightly off key.

Patterns of patterns kept patterning for ever.
Dreams within dreams within dreams.
Forever like a juxtaposition of multiple universes.
Spread out on the sheets of infinity.
Pi times three is free.
The code is suspended in disbelief.

Solubility persists in its wake.
Like the galactic elements of war and peace.
Our times have sublimated into an unconsumed relationship with The Self.
But who is it that we are really seeking?

A lot of people exist.
Of course....they Survive.
Some actually manage to Live through it too.
They make it through their old age
 and their childhood fantasies.
They marry their soul mates.
and post pictures 
of shadows
 kissing behind trees.

Oceans of faces
lined up along the coast of faith.
Who was watching the waters
as the faded grays strayed?

A million sunsets have been photographed
in a matter
of just a few days! 
All around the world, 
there are eyes
reflecting blue skies
and stars
in their gaze.

Burning bright during the day, 
that one gigantic sun.
shines lovingly on the moon.
But this afternoon
has burned out too soon.
The evening took its seat.
Seeing that the night 
was about to begin
by singing in a voice
of a virgin ...
to the devil's beat.

Apart from that
if any one
is reading these words
Please give me a shout
or send me a hat
made of stone
without doubt.

And if you happen
to have 
an old bottle of wine.
Please consume it with delight
and we will get along just fine.

Take that note 
out of your coat.
And put it in the bottle
so that
you could
a boat.

On the Sea, 
you will see...

Then the ocean.
The river.
The stream.

A dream within a dream within a dream.........


January 02, 2012

Mercurial Metamorphosis

A caterpillar on the leaf
was dreaming in the sunlight...
crawling on a stem,
it would stare
at the stars at night.
The leaves were dreaming too
as the stems grew
along their side.

The moon,
 was changing faces

while the caterpillar
imagined places,

it would visit
 after it died…..

The butterfly woke up with a start...
"What a nightmare" - she thought.
The colors on the wings had spread
and shaded those images of the dead.

She flew into the forest
and basked in the dawn.
The sun was smiling
at the leaves
and a new world
slowly began to crawl.

Pollen worlds
within the flowers
were hidden
between the twirls.
A fragrance
of enchantment
was dancing
like young girls.

The birds sang a song
that belonged
to the new morning.
The chrysalis
stayed still,
in the memories
of the evening.


The earth continued to move
and the stars continued too...
The galaxy
- if one could see -
was spinning
about its center
...completely free,
like me and you.

is infinity...
alternating with

But all of this
is in the mind

which is present
here and now

in a moment
of eternity.