November 06, 2011

Space-Time Continuum Explained in 3^3 Movements.

This video beautifully demonstrates the fundamental complementarity of space-time.
The farther we go in terms of distance, the more we travel into the past.
As we arrive 100 million light years away from the earth we get into very deep space.
Beyond that is an abysmal spatial field so dense and so luminous that it is hard to imagine that we are such an invisibly microscopic component of such an infinitely large universe.

100 million light years away - now that is distance (space) expressed in terms of the time it takes for light to travel. 

Space flips into Time.

Now if we go deeper inside the structure of matter, particularly living matter, and specifically a human being, then we encounter the special cellular,  molecular,  atomic, and sub-atomic dimensions of micro-space.
It is all pure information beyond that.
At this quantum level everything is dependent upon the observer, while the observer him/her self is a human being made of the same quantum matter.
At this level of reality we don't have any certain information.
At this level of reality we ARE information.
At this close range - 0.000001 angstroms to be specific - things change at the speed of light.

It is hard to imagine that our Self is a Universe in itself!

 From this sub-atomic perspective, the forces of creation and destruction keep constantly vibrating.
There is tremendous energy at this level.

Change is therefore the only constant in the universe.
Everything is impermanent.
It is all simultaneously ephemeral .... and eternally mercurial.
The Big Bang - from which our Universe is thought to be born - was not unlike a quantum event.
An infinitesimally small particle, of infinite density, exploded about 13.7 billion years ago - with a very Big Bang.

All this happened way beyond (and before) the 100 million light years of perspective that we see in this video.

Time flips into Space