November 24, 2010

Approaching Surrealities.

It was an electric shock that sent the stock - flying.
It was chaos that generated the scintillating excitement.
Our prison is a fractal reality. 
And the message on this graffiti-less wall is a reflection of sorts:

We obviously need machines.
We just have not expanded our domain of compassion to accommodate the machine.
In a way we are still adapting to 'it' as we speak and connect 'through it'.
 A machine is not so much a 'thing' as much as it is a 'process' - an extension of our own evolving internal systematics.
Machines are byproducts of our organic brain.
Try to prove this statement wrong: "there is nothing 'artificial' in this universe."

But the story continues:

Through the big bang came the universe.
Through evolution came man.
Through man came the word.
Through words came "a" level of reality. 

The concepts being talked about and the words being heard are signals of communication.
The images being seen and the dreams being experienced are semiotic in nature.
What you read is just a voice whispering in your ears as you mechanically operate under the rules of the software that has programmed your identity - your sense of existence.

Your own little story of myths and histories.

1-Experiences are semiotic in nature.
2-Nature is experienced semiotically.

These are circular arguments of infinite nature - like the loopy spirals of infinity, or some Julia's fractal topology.
The output is always a re-organized input. 
And that is processing.

That is experience.

A fine balance exists between the static and the dynamic.
A delicate thread connects the flow with the friction.
Mind is an imprinted flow of matter, while matter is a flowing code - fountaining out of the mind.


How about the ape that ate shit as it faced the drop off a cliff?
That's what happens when you jump trees.
Eventually you hit the ground because of gravity.

Apples are obviously easier to deal with.
The mathematics is simpler.
The real paucity however, is of poetry.

Stars and birds must have circled the poor beasts skull.
It must have become worried.
Must have got it thinking.
Consciousness is a funny thing.
No-it is a flow.

In the mood for reality?
Or, the suggestion is that we just dream it up!
Who can tell the difference anyway?

Either way, this show is going to glow with the darkness as it ebbs and flows.
Ah, the incredible lightness of being!

Welcome to the Machine!

November 18, 2010


Under silver sheets are hidden the shades of life.
Beneath the exterior, beyond the surface, under the covers, above the degrees.
Through and through.
Its a network of relationships.
A flabbergasting connectivity.
A secret paradox of invisible jewelry -
 a lively discussion of an impossible conundrum.
Ambiguous realities.
Certain fantasies.
An open dream beyond dreams.

A nightmare!!!

So to speak.

Beyond these eyes, there is light,
scintillating with pregnant energy.
It is impossible to stay calm!
Its beyond all reality.
Its certainly not 'a' fantasy.

Something must be done.
Something must just happen.
If everything is shown
nothing can be hidden.
nothing downtrodden.

There is morphosis, and then there is METAmorphosis!
Listen now.
The truth be said.
The lies be fooled.
The law maker's brain's dead.
The robber's lost his tools.

All is yellow
but a little pale in shade.
Red is not just danger -
its a harbinger curtailed.
Even stranger is the rose
that shows it is scared,
afraid to be plucked,
unsure of its fate.

Stemming from thorns
are seeds and fruits
At the root of it all
fall the gravity-chutes.
Just enough to be a mystery.
falling only short of the truth.

Some strange tree
- fountain of its own youth.
An inadequately revealed tapestry.
- a conclusion en route.

Its a mystery,
but there are also clues.
There are also fools -
the rules of mind-trickery.

Three things happen from here on now - past, present and future somehow.
About that - don't be so sure.
It has a trivial symptom
It is just a shadowy feud.
Words are wisdom for some musicians ears.
That one who listens,
to the one who cares.

And then there's that storm - a beautiful spiral collusion,
waiting to unfold, the story untold.
Its been at it through an endless iteration.
And yet another one
is about to begin.
Patiently performing its dance.
Singing its paintings,
drawing its songs.
The sounds of fluctuating reality are merely the letters that make up the words.
The sentences are sheer poetry.
Paragraphs of punctuated ecstasy.
And for those who shit numbers -
the mathematics is sheer wizardry.
A laundry list of angelic beauty.

What exactly are we talking about here?
more importantly, Who is talking to whom?
These things have been going on forever.
There have been countless instances of epiphanies.
Certainly shallow attempts of curiosity!
Time is an arrow beyond the point of tomorrow.
Zero things are accomplished when everyone is a hero.
But somewhere heroic happenings occur when everywhere is zero.
How reflections speak with each other, how translations talk through symbols?
How Dylans sing their sorrow how McLachlans throw their tears?
Imaginations are waking from deep slumber here.
Penetrations are happening through and through - everywhere.

Where is it then?
More importantly, What time is when?
The difference between infinity and zen is a lack of something abundant - emptiness.
We are sometimes taller than the small
- and sometimes smaller than the tall.
If one witnesses these moments, one only sees oneness.
If one is in his senses
then unfortunately there is only nonsense.
- a groundless fall.

Now here is "a" solution:

Here is Infinite.
Now is Eternal.
Be here now.

You'll know if you listen here.
But let me shut up now.

November 11, 2010

Mathematical Disembowelment

Square ratios in linear times,
fade away as the geometric differentials collapse within trapezoid realms-
"Tales of stochastic mystery."
Curvilinear extrapolations of arbitrary logarithms
careen towards the tangential slope of intersecting probabilities.
Unequivocal equations, with their dubious distinction 
of being on the pedestal of elliptical trajectories,
surrender themselves to undesirable singularities.
Haphazard projectiles dangle with flaccid abeyance,
like lobsters on an oily beach
One is left without the other while the zeroes align in spiral sheets.
Statistical mechanics tremble at the feet of organic realities,
quixotic expressions constantly slapped on the grinning sea.
Folding slopes extend into the vortex of obtuse conspiracies, 
suffering acute emergencies
and paranoid insecurities.
Perpendicular motifs lie supine against these angles,
within hierarchical rectangles, rooted in subliminal trees.
Golden ratios fluctuate through Fibonacci's series, 
collapsing the wave functions beyond infinite limits.
Godel's theorems smiled at the Cat,
the Cheshire's grin had never been more dim.
But, non-continuous derivatives differentiate within the absolute relationships between algebraic integrations.
What a subtle relief!
Forever the coupling between sinusoidal fluxes exhibit the colors of harmonic hilarity.
Fortunately, lovers collide at high throughput velocities 
abandoning the properties of Cartesian deceit.

November 10, 2010

Revised visions of previous revisions

Better belong to a strong clan of persons, places, ideas, or things.
Get along with all the mixes of forces, patterns, creatures, and tales.
It is already good news that we exist in the only known plane in the universe that supports what  - we - all agree upon to refer to as life.

How does it work?
What does it feel like?
We all have ideas and conjectures and stories.
Equations, diagrams, and theories.

Most importantly, we have innocent smiles and poetry.
Collective connectivity puts us in touch with a historical memory - a fantasy of linguistic journeys and forbidden dreams.
Countless unaccountable themes.
Streams of sub-conscious whims.

Time better stop still for a while.
This mind is turbid.
Let there be silence for a while.

Clearly there is an invisible dimension to our existence.
- a continuous fabric of semiotic tapestry.
Fractal musicality - Musical fractality.
Not only that, it is also experienced with unequivocal certainty by every individual human being.
Alive or not alive.
It is after all a considerably constant process - life and its curiosity.

We are born, we live, we die.
Life evolves and the universe constantly changes.
Up and Down are a quantum wave - collapsing in randomized states of disequilibrium.
Entropy is the trophy at the end.
Who really wants to stand on a fountain head pedestal.
Its a lonely stadium with no friends.
Ambitions don't have a place here.
Foes don't bother with it.
Its impractical to win this thing  - and practically nothing is at stake here.

So on and so forth.

Now that we have attention towards what is "secret", why not come out in the open and face it?

The truth is that we are not scared.
We are afraid to imagine
that we were never scared at all!