August 12, 2010

Evolution-The idea that constantly changes.

How does one figure out one's own story after one has figured out that 'life' is in fact fiction?

Does one try to make sense
How could one make sense? 
Its a story that keeps unfolding - constantly. 
An interesting question may be, "who is the author?" 
But that too is pointless, given that there is one continuous connected infinity, about which we have an infinite number of stories, and a concept of a 'person' is inadequate in subscribing to a higher authority anyway.
Especially, because the stories can quite possibly be endless even 'up there'. 
(or down below).
We ask then, "when did this story begin?"
 We ask, "when will it end?"
 But all our curiosity is just pointless because we very well know that there are no ends and beginnings. 
We know for sure that infinite, eternal, dynamic systems, such as reality, cannot possibly have a primordial origin, or a prophetic end. 
Think about it.
The question will always remain - what was before the beginning, and what will be after the end?
The illusion of time (and being stuck in it) is a case of writer's block - the self-contradicting delusion of being stuck in an imaginary stagnant stillness. 
The impotence to write is simultaneously an inability to read.
But read what exactly?

And moreover, this is not even that kind of a story - like a novel or like history or like a fossil record or a myth.
This is THE story.
The story of our lives.
This is beyond the hieroglyphs and equations and symbolisms and psychedelic enchantments. 
This is the source of religion, the birth (place) of consciousness. 
It is music, sculpture, and painting, all wrapped up in a crystalline case of stochastic intuitions and pre-meditated change.
It is the flow of sound and light.
A chance encounter with the reflection of a customized reality.
The mind is but one of the ripples in an ocean of information. 
Stories and concepts such as existence exist in its oceanic continuum. 
The language of this story is omnipresent and the message is forever changing.
But - and here's the best part I think - the meaning is always the same...