March 26, 2010

The Others - they are there.

The other is defined by the self. 
The Other is a reflection of the self. 
The other is a counterpoint of reference, a scorching suggestion of reality. 
The other is a shadow of the protection we live under - a sensory zoo, which we observe ourselves observing. 
The other is a figment of our imagination, a dream in our reality. 
The other is a balloon, flying high in the sky, a vision of the self with an infinite Why?
The other is a poignant speculation of cryptic reality, a heartless manifestation of fear, an emergence of constant hope. 
The other is a story within stories, entwined within realities, extending eternally into nothingness. 
The other is a spark of truth, a glimpse of disguise.
The other is a wretched kingdom, a beatific hell. The other is love affair with freedom, a slavery of prisons. 
The other is a reflection in the mirror.....
- the eyes behind the curtain.

March 25, 2010

Reverse Insanity

I hear voices -
whispers in my ear
words muffled by the lips
shuddering with some unspoken fear

wonder why they speak at all
in silent sounds and peeps they call
often making me wonder
what really is hidden under?

Burnt out edges on the paper
now conceal the words no more
everyone is clasping secrets
and keeping silly secret scores

but time will find itself a cure
the voices will disappear for sure
could it be that we don’t really see
that we're constantly 'trying' to be free?

Deep breaths in the here and now
we keep hiding our selves some how
but when I see 'there is no me'
I can tell that I'm really free

the voices, they have faded out
now all I hear is a silent shout
I've forgotten myself here again
there's no more point in going sane.

March 22, 2010

Who cares which country is the super-power or even the next super-power?
In an increasingly interconnected globalized planetary society such egomaniacal notions of being on the top are not only sophomoric and irrelevant, but ultimately counterproductive.
Global problems require cooperative solutions.
Obsessive political fanaticism masquerading as patriotism can only lead to more wars.
The problems of modern man are systemic and the solutions warrant a co-existing global society over a system that introduces a fragmented worldview of superiority vs inferiority therefore repeating the worst mistakes in human history.
From the perspective of a collective consciousness, these needless conflicts only perpetuate a 'superiority-complex' that seems immature in the context of the progress made by human beings in the past few thousand years.
It is not going to matter who enjoys the celebrity status of being on the top of a plastic pedestal standing in phallic insecurity in the middle of an empty stadium echoing the shadows of outdated glory.
The image is rapidly transforming into a bauble of plasticity - a pathological phenotype of the adolescent human mind.
Only two possibilities exist in the end: either we gain wisdom and peace, or we blow ourselves up in a useless attempt to prove who is superior.

March 16, 2010

Revolutions between mental spaces

Its impossible to be free when two sides of a story keep drawing one within.
How can a person see the clarity of it all, when all is obscured by the grim dualities?
How is one supposed to feel when what anyone else says appears to attack some fundamental belief?
The choices of what appear to be seem to be hidden beneath a countless layers of misunderstood grief.
How is one supposed to smile when all the while the reality keeps shifting outside in?
Somehow it feels wrong to be saying all these things.
Somehow the battles have to be fought from inside out, without any noise or shouting.
In silence can one exist as one really is - minus the noise with just the sound of eternity.
To whom is one supposed to make these offerings?
How are we to believe in just each and every thing?
Somehow these struggles encounter the same old suffering.
And if its all me in the end then why is there a need for the notion of empathy - yet another friend?
Breathe in and breathe out.
Collapse the primordial wave-function into a compressed moment of infinity.
within the layers is encoded the pattern of flow.
Become one with the flux of the binary show.
Tune in to your self.
Retreat within.
Make peace with the reflections that you see.
Just be.