April 20, 2008

Time and Again

Its strange to pack again
to leave this place
before it got old again
To go through this and that
is not easy you know
when you gather what you had
to avoid the apparent show

so suddenly you move on
its not easy every time
but you have it and its gone
it was never yours
though you were always mine

so no point in holding tight
it will still lose your grip
its certainly a futile fight
coz you are right
if you feel alright
coz thats what its all about -
the difference between vision and sight

the nerves are slit open
and the sweat is on my palms
calmly I stay un broken
while the new changes turn on

walking past the future
this time has come about
without your thoughts for sure
I wouldn't have done this route

so you are all right
as long as you see the sight
coz that's what its all about -
this day is different from the night

I wonder if anybody knows
where the world goes
when you close you eyes

is it still around you
or its neither earth nor skies?
but just a rapid change to an end

its still the beginning my friend
from here we receive and send

April 15, 2008


Of course
there is a method to madness.
One has to be mad indeed to understand this method.
However, madness by its virtue is resistant to adopting 'any' method.
This then is the method to madness.

Every individual is unique.
How could he not be? How could she not be?
The thoughts and the worlds and the creations and the madness are all mine.
And they are all yours too.
These ideas have always been ours and no one can claim the creative rights.
However, everyone can claim whatever they want for themselves.
There is infinite from where it all came from.

Why be afraid?
Whats there to lose?
There is everything to gain and you will still not have it all.

This moment is special.

I will leave it at that
I will leave it to you.

April 12, 2008

Whens your time?

When you are tired of fighting
you speak up to the thoughts
and you wake up with them
as thoughtless as you’ve been

You caress the past
while a dream spills a future
as you sit still in two days
the next moment comes too fast

You try to hold
for a while some more
of the smiles in your eyes
they grow larger many folds

your silence means some things
your time is some sort of a skin
and your ideas flap its wings
you have some action with in

There’s nothing there
to search no more
but its taking me
to a moment before

Uncertain certainty
she painted its flow
in a mercurial zoo
that wasted some how

The roads up
round about the sounds
of the guitar strings
that left your grounds

waiting to re pair
from dismal despair
shines another scene
I think it is some where here
that I have been

moving on from
here to there
your thoughts resolve
to a town some where

tomorrow try to lure
the same moment before
captured in your tears
the decade approaching near

different people same mind
the conversations we left behind
but yesterday is an other thing
if you say you saw what lies within?

April 02, 2008

A hamburger was eating ME!!!!

It’s certainly not the first time that the lights have turned on in your head.
It seems a lot has remained the same.
Look closer.


As you grow older you begin to appreciate details. You begin to appreciate the shades between yesterday and now.

You begin to touch the limits of probability.

It’s not really about getting older.

It is about traveling.

It is about journeying through space and time...whatever that is.

The youth always insisted that the journey is more important than the destination.
Experience can surprise you.
You realize that you love milestones.

Don’t get attached though.

Move on.

The things around you are changing.

Look again. Details.

Living beings definitely rose from simpler living things that rose from simpler living things that rose from simpler non-living things.

So matter became mind
and thoughts became words
and actions became creations
and symbols became chants
and money became numbers
and numbers became life
and life became machines
and machines came alive
and the living became dead
and the dead became non living
and the mind becomes algorithms
and the body becomes gears
and the eyes become holograms
and the ideas become immortal

Display. Its all a display?
You don’t agree? You must be blind.
And even then it is display!

It’s a beautiful display though.

Colors. Shapes. Sounds. Textures. Sensations. Pains. Emotions. Thoughts. Games. Shows. Visions. Places. Politics. Madness. News. Entertainment.

It’s a lot of fun though.
Highly recommended experience.
But don’t get attached.

Obviously it’s not even an option.
There IS no choice.
Pure free will.
Quintessential freedom.

Flow. Flux. Change.
And on and on you go on.

Off you go.


There are the funny moments.
They are fun. Intact fun. Pure laughter.
Giggles. Smirks. Uproars.
Bursting bubbles in untold pleasures.


Bloating egos. Pretentious conversations.

How are you?
I am fine.
What a lie.
Not always.
But come on.

Its ALL fun.
Its all not as serious as these words make it appear to be.
Actually for an insightful reader this may be darn light.

Don’t smile
You are not insightful as you think.
But to a true thinker this should be Childs play.
You are not as true a thinker as you believe.

What do you believe?

Why you silent?

You speak a thousand words.
Try to paint a picture will you?
It’s a joke really.
Don’t be judgmental.
Don’t be touchy.
Just because its on TV
and in books
and on the radio
and the internet.
What about you?
Of course you are bored of some things now.

Things get old.

You can’t just sit around naked and speak nonsense and shit wherever you wish and get the attention of the whole world showered on you – for ever…..
Sadly it could not be all that perfect all the time in all the cases.

It’s the ultimate irony.
Every person has been a helpless baby, but one never does remember that.

How amazing that the role of being an adult is gently, subtly, without your slightest awareness, incorporated into you – essentially by the other children who grew up into adults.

It’s remarkable how you assume roles to play.
Lines to say. Dramas to think up.
It’s all a joke - a joke about nothing?

Now now.
Don’t call me bitter.
That’s where you err.
You assume too much. But it’s ok.
It’s human to err.

It’s funny.
That’s what it is. Its funny
Honestly :-)


We actually TYPE to smile now!!!
Shakespeare rolls his eyes in the grave.
Except even bones must disintegrate.

What then happened of him? His legacy? His drama?
His Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet and McBeth?
Technically reincarnation is not that unbelievable.

It’s on the blank canvas of the newspapers and it’s on the ass that you wipe it with.

Paper made from trees.
Wood from trees
Food from trees
Animals from trees
Skin from trees
Life from trees
Trees Trees Trees

Well. It had to get to THAT point. You know the Lorax point.

You don’t know the Lorax?
Dr Suess?


Move on. Move on…………….


It’s not the first time that the lights have turned on in your head.
It seems a lot has remained the same.
Look closer.
It has changed
It has rearranged.
Matter and energy simply change places.
Living becomes dead.

The dead become Trees.

Do you GET why these so called rants are called knots and threads?

Look again.

Smiling at you...