September 27, 2006

messages from within

Comes crying in the sounds
of mystic mysteries
the thoughts of being free
away for eternity

while the world moves again
these tired eyes watch
the fleeting rate of change
unaware of ephemeral pain

Wandering out again
reaching for the magic
the tragic parts insane
its just a precious trick

play along for a while
that smile is looking good
should work for a while
like that magic smile should

and the tears are sweet
this world is gorgeous too
it doesn’t matter with
and certainly not without you

September 04, 2006

Where are you...if where am I?

Contd. from...

"Believe me, I have been here before!"

Things were not going great. There was work, there was school, and there was Syd and now THIS! When is it all going to stop?

Lucy was going through a crises moment here. Things about mundane life seemed too boring to be worth spending so much amount of energy on. Lucy wondered if she could play music all day...or paint pictures and write songs...or just take a walk in the woods to refamiliarize herself with who she is.

"Who am I?", she asked herself...

Her thoughts went on, as Lucy got lost in herself.

"It’s been 23 years since I was born. Every molecule in the human body is said to have recycled every seven years. Given that the omnipresent flux of the universe is also taking place within my body, the material aspect of me has undergone three cycles already. I have grown. I have matured. I look different now and yet strangely the same as my chilhood pictures. My memories are like distant stars. Everything I do is somehow recorded in my brain, irrespective of whether I can recollect it or not. Is it possible that we have an exponentially growing unlimited memory?"

A breeze woke her up.

"Where was I?” she wondered.

The disorientation was familiar. She had drifted into such a mental state many times before. Syd never understood it. He thought she was making a big deal out of something that everyone experiences occasionally. But then what if he - and everyone else - just thought that it was no big deal? What if somehow, she was on to something? A contact with the primordial consciousness perhaps?
She imagined a future in which mankind will have understood dreams and consciousness just like they now understand the immune system and vaccination.
It is but inevitable!

The breeze was now turning into a storm. The clouds looked dark and scary. The waves on the ocean sounded fierce, and there was soon some lightening and thunder. Lucy hurried out of the woods and raced towards the shore.

"The shore? WHERE AM I??????"

She was puzzled beyond her imagination. She could see in the distance the waves crashing against the rocks. Suddenly, the rock changed into a moving shape, dark and menacing. The water turned into an unnatural hue, and the violence of the sky was nightmarish.

Lucy was in her own nightmare....or atleast we think she was?

September 03, 2006

Ancient Memory

Distances and time
are only in your mind
the soul at the other end
is always waiting for a friend

Break away from this grip
of forceful symbols and chips
understand that you are one
with every thing under the sun

Stop fighting for your self
coz your self is who you're fighting
afterall the race is against you
and the winner is not really winning

Grow up beyond the fear
of losing what you have here
just go on with the magic
of that individual desire

Madness is but nothing
yet everyone is mad
its sad that you can be alive
but always scared of dying

recall that ancient memory
of the man who built the wheel
he is you and he was real
and thats the mystery!

September 02, 2006


crimson primerose
in the wind
blinded fellow
sharp within
tired eyes
on a hollow mind
crimson primerose
and shallow blinds
the doors open
to a different scene
the shadow covers
a borrowed scream
light passes another time
the certainty is lost behind
ofcourse its not easy
to understand what this means
you can never be so unaware