April 30, 2006

Our Own

Contd. from...

We look in the mirror,
and we look at our pictures,
but we never really look at ourselves,
the way we are "looked at" by each other.

Lucy was staring at herself staring at herself. She was in two different bodies at the same time . She was living two different lives . She was experiencing two realities at once. She was also experiencing extreme confusion. Some sort of a law had been broken. In terms of physics, one may say that 2 seperate universes had merged.

Whether there were Toms staring at Toms, was a bigger problem that Lucy did not have the TIME to think about at the moment...

She also realized that she suddenly did not have SPACE.

An accident can be viewed as an event in which two objects are trying to occupy the same SPACE at the same TIME. Collision occurs in such an event, and if not controlled can lead to the complete annihilation of both the objects and everything associated with those objects.

But what when the same OBJECTS try to occupy the same SPACE at the same TIME?

The collective mind of the Lucys considered the following possible scenarios:

1. The SPACE should be equally divided into two. This means that Lucy will use half her apartment, half her grocery, half her toothpaste, half her TIME?????????

2. Some crazy explosion akin of a cosmic accident. Lucy will make physical contact with Lucy and there will be a cataclysmic disaster.

3. The Lucy on the other side of the door-by some crazy experince of accelerated enlightenment and prOfound epiphany-optimistically decides to get herself a NEW-LIFE. The other Lucy experiences the exact opposite, and goes insane...even commits suicide maybe!

4. Both the Lucys go insane...and even commit suicide maybe. Imagine watching yourself die???

Her matter and her experiences were the essence of Lucy's life; her understanding of reality. She was (whichever Lucy you wish to refer to) now abruptly subjected to an anomalous happening.

The human brain is currently having a lot of problems dealing with the present state of reality with all its distraction. Beyond these, however, the person is quiet secure in believing the mercurial concept of NORMAL.

Nevertheless, it is an accident of a unique nature and proportions, when the EXACT same OBJECT tries to occupy the same SPACE at the same TIME.

April 26, 2006


Its human to want things.
To want something..
to want anything...
thats just the nature of our being

To want a certain thing
is part of being
a man...
while other desires
are a part of being
young or old
or even being
on the verge of dying
-lonely and cold

What one wants keeps changing
like everything else
and just like change is constant
so is wanting...

what you want
gives you what you get
what you want
is your best bet
you can have what you want
but not what you cant
coz you really dont want
that sort of a debt

try to sit
in the corner a bit
and watch the world
go by in a fit
heading towards equilibrium
spreading out in tandem
a balancing act of nature
nurturing its own

April 25, 2006


George Orwell thought
it was going to be
quite some year.
Considering it was 1948
he was quite right about
the future that we got
the things that we did
and those that happened to us

what with the governments
and the societies
mingling into money
and armaments
and capitalized cities
crawling with roaches
encroaching all over
poaching individuality
cashing on the lust
of diminishing identity

But it really aint wrong
to seek and to want
It really aint wrong
as long as you know
who you are
and who you'll be
who you've been
and what you want

April 22, 2006


It is different now
than a while ago
It is different today
than yesterday
It is different here
than it was there

It's a different taste
than what I'd last ate
It is a different smell
Than that last hell

It is different above
than it is below
It is different to you
than it is to me
It is different to hear
than it is to see
It is different to love
than to hate
It is different to scream
than to cry
It is different to feel
than it is to die

It is different somehow
that which we dream
than what we had dreamt
a very long long time ago

It is a different year
than nine teen A T 4

April 21, 2006


Contd. on...

something is going on
something is happening
something that she lives on
something is underlying

Lucy woke up...or atleast she thought she woke up.
Waking up always posed the same question,
"What exactly is real and what exactly are dreams?"

She had slipped into a slumber and made love to morpheus. Whatever that means.

She looked about and thought "something is different ....something very very different"

She got up from her desk and made herself a cup of coffee.
Lucy loved to stand in front of the window while sipping on coffee.

However, she suddenly froze. SOMTHING is very very strange...

Lucy looked incredulously at the coffee mug, and then out of the window.

"I never drink coffee!!!", she reminded herself aloud!!!

Things were getting very very strange. Everything looked familiar and new at the same time.

Lucy took another remorseful sip of the wakeful liquid. She noticed the graffiti on the mug:

something is going on
something is happening
something that she lives on
something is underlying

She looked out the window to examine the day.
There were a few city-dwelling birds singing songs of evening.
Some people were walking on the pavement.
Some others were homelessly sleeping on the street.
The clouds were sporadically sprinkled in the grey sky.

"The sun will rise any moment now", she thought.
She looked at the watch on her wrist.
Two things shocked her:
The time, and the timepiece.

The watch wasnt hers, and the time was 9:00 PM.

Suddenly she heard the door open...

With a strange and absolutely overwhelming sense of premonition, Lucy walked towards the door.

Lucy saw Lucy standing at the door.

At this point it would not be inaccurate to say that somehow there were two Lucys...identical in all respects...standing at the door, staring at each other with a look of extreme horror.

They were thinking, "something is different...something is very very different!

April 19, 2006


life is an array of things...
things that money can buy,
things that go bling-bling,
and also certain things that dont die
but change forms
things that get you high
and alter decadent norms
These little things,
these big little things,
and every other thing
hiding in between

You wake up to things
sleep on things
weep about things
eat things
drink things
think things...

there are things that hurt
things that tickle
things that make you smile
and yes... those silly little things
that you would want
to keep for a while

There are things that you doubt
that you think that you lack
sporadically lying about
deceptively arranged
in a pathetically neat stack

There are things that you kiss
those lovely singing lips
of some lost first love
things that made you hate
the things that you miss

You cannot own any thing
you cannot really take any thing
you cannot fake having something
or avoid having nothing

There are things that you desire
things on the OTHER side
things that you bury
and things that you flaunt
things that you fire
and things that make you worry
about the things that you hide

Beings clad in clothes are quiet something
strippers gyrating in motion are somehing
homeless woman lying naked is something
the emperors new clothes are something?

Ironically speaking
and thoughtlessly shrieking
those threaded clothes are nothing
but mere countenance for s o m e t h i n g

Is reality just some f@#$ing thing?

What about nothing?

Is there anything?

Atleast something

April 14, 2006


What is craving?
is it what the mother felt
when she was concocting a baby?
or is it older than that,
perhaps the ancestral monkey,
possesed by arborial cravings
for an unexplored tree?
Or is it what you felt
about sex during puberty?
Or is it what you'll always feel
till the day that you die,
about the elusive taste of money?
Is craving the need for soulful liberty?
Or is it merely an escape from poverty?

IS craving and its beauty
your cup of T?


We are here
where the light changes day
and the night comes along
in yet another way

Wherever we may roam
lifelessly unknown
seasoned with moods
of melancholic moans

Surrounded with ideas
exchanged where you're at
color the vivid screen
apparent blindness comes with that

Craving to crave?

April 13, 2006


The opposite of no
The synonym of know?
Maybe not so....

Why yes...you may be the opposite soul?
The alternate, motion picture roll..
Exceedingly blatant and fleetingly rebelious
Climbing up the bottomless hole!

Crying so far?

I did'nt think so!
Coz I know
You like to hide
which you must throw

Crying so far?



It is the Ninteenth letter of the alphabet..
It is the begginning of Negativity...
No, Nein, Niet, Nasty, Nahin, Naraaz, .......
Most words (in most languages), with a somehwhat negative connotation, begin with N?


Well you say no and I say yes
you run the show and I clean the mess

Then you walk the limelit stage
And I see you through your see-through cage

You stare at me as if I am mad
but in fact its your sanity that is sad

You look like such a mess
when you say no but you wanna say yes


April 12, 2006

Our Crammed Confidence

Crammed Confidence

It is certain that sometimes one does not feel certain
quiet often the reason is unknown and there is a mystical pain
but most likely it is in your mind
your thoughts are going blind
and you are stuck all behind
this is a crammed
like this


We live in a world of inhibitions,
contradictions, and exhibitions
Our lives have become a show
but what really is life, we dont know

Sometimes we steal our freedom
in the solitude of night
and that one night seems so right
but the morning brings on that fight

Its a strange world we live in
to be sinful is alright, but to be right is a sin
Every man makes the society strong
but the society proves that one man wrong

We live in a world of contraptions
information and deceptions
Tangled in a confusing noodle
we slurp our way into dellusion