December 11, 2016

Is it not Obvious?

🎼What is obvious
Is obvious.
The devious
cannot hide
the truth 
that resides, 
behind their lies.
Some say, 
the only way
is to keep doing
the same old things.
But others sing 
that some things
Can't be real,
For only one way
Won't suffice.
That's the nature
of the game
So don't let
The winds blow
Out your flame.
If you play
your cards right,
You will pass
through this night.
Just don't shout
out your name...
Don't shout
out your name.🎼

December 07, 2016

Go digital

One day
It will all
Go digital...
First money,
Then things,
And then people.
It will all be 
Extremely subtle.
Is reality a bubble,
Hidden under a heap
Of shiny cosmic rubble?

November 30, 2016

Cats cut cool colors

One fine day, 
the colors of the cool cat
caught the dying rays of irony 
sinking slowly
in the middle 
of the deep blue sea. 
One fine day, 
the deep blue sea
saw to it 
that this never happened again. 

That night
the owl sang
as the wind whistled
and the song remained
but ironic 
till the end.

One fine day
the letter arrived
requesting the presence
for extending your stay.

November 05, 2016

Golly Mean

wearing these
brand new shoes
who's to say 
that the world
hasn't been 
trodden under
these ageing feet

some days
too many words
have spilled over
these lips
that have quivered
in rage
as the mind was lit.

little by little
the light of the seed
shone through 
the darkness
that could feed
the need
of the runaway 
through the streets.

the humming
as the rain 
over the crude
drumming of the
subdued henchman
as he hung out
by the ghost's
right hand stooge
singing away
her sweet delta

October 31, 2016

After the pause...a Cause

I found 
these visions
on a torn 
piece of paper
left back 
to be discovered
from some 
other kind 
of dimensions.
The writing 
had all faded
but the meaning 
seemed clearer
it was not 
about ascension
it was not 
about decisions.

It begged me 
to reveal
what it
overtly displayed. 
It started 
to unfold
as i watched
it go naked.

It was all
it all 
being completely bright…
with a small
black dot
its infinite directions
and infinite streams.

It was quite
a sight.
it was almost