December 04, 2013

Post Title nonsense for Vonnegut's ghost.

A splendid bored walker passed by the corner of the beach.
I looked and noticed that she was also looking at me.
We watched each other watch each other for a while.
And then she smiled.
I recognized her from tomorrow.
She will be the one who will smile for no reason.
And yet it appeared so real.
There was no reason to doubt its reality, really.
Nothing is fake here.
Its all real
Its all in our mind.

We never spoke.
She took off just like that.
My thoughts wandered too.
Was she just here?
Or was she dreaming too?

I never can answer such questions.
Before it was time, 
I asked another one:
Where have you been?
I have not seen you in a long long time.

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