November 19, 2012

cycles of life

The water lily had preyed upon its sister.
Her beauty had spread out horribly, 
like blood,
 oozing out from a beautiful corpse.

The birds had ruined their nest,
by building it atop,
 some people's house.
Aroused by the sound,
the humans had found,
the twigs and dried leaves,
woven in cotton and threads -
white and slightly dark brown,
untethered feathers and some bread.

Some preferences have been erased.

But what do you care,
its all the same to you,

Now and then, 
when the colors are penned, 
the voices find their way.

If I had only one more day...
I would have changed it any way.

Heartbeats stopped
at the devil's feet,
who was repeatedly strolling
on that lonely street. 
If I could meet 
just one more god,
he thought 
as he stood
and watched in defeat.

Wet from the brains
of some straining lad.
The devil pushed his feet,
as he pulled out his wad.

Within the treasures
was buried a thought, 

"nothing is as it should be,
but thats all you have got."

The water lily,
she had died by now.
 the beast
could hear 
the sparrow shout.

She was chirping
to her only mate
about their fate,
and how to go about.