June 29, 2011

Mind your words and I will mind mine

Everyone has full freedom and access to their own mind.
Information is flowing like a river of water turned to wine.
Some of this is yours and some of it is mine
but we are riding the wave on an infinite sine.
You're the 1
and I'm just a zero,
I'm the clown
and you are the hero.

June 09, 2011

The Universal Constant

through a tunnel of narrow radius
a thought surfaces out,
and turns into an ocean wave,
like a seed emerging a sprout.
like a surfer under a golden sunset,
it manifests its illusive self.
like the balance of the feet
on the wooden board and scales
the mind becomes aware 
of consciousness....

Where does this happen
you may say?
or when?
...if that's your preferred way?
Well it happens here
- now and then...
before it becomes 
another wave again.

Its a continuum of harmonics 
spread out over the brain
and it continues again 
to each and every cell within its reign.
But it doesn't stop there...
it holds beyond what can be held
- extending outside the skin,
into the reflections of those eyes,
perceived by the occipital lobe within.
each nerve and every neuron
play their cosmic game
all the way up into the D. N. A...
Spiral conversations in meditation
- a gigantic mutation ingrained.
Perched at this apparent end
spin the electrons and their quarky friends
disappearing into wavy strings
as space and time bends and sings.
And when there is resonance
there is music indeed,
which alternates with the chaos
- fluctuating pitch and changing speed.
The waves crash on the shore
and not a single thing is like it was before
the rocks have slightly weathered
and the universal constant has changed some more.