January 28, 2011

Another piece of plain poetry that rhymes with the insanity of being free

The literal meaning of absolve is to loosen up or to clarify,
it has nothing to do with the 'concept' of sin.
Competition is another concept often misunderstood
it is not about defeating to win or to prove what 'should'.
It is rather a symptom of the need for cooperation
a way of imagining the world by asking what one could.

What one could do, be, or is
is only up to the one who does, becomes, and is.
Life is a time frame between birth and death.
Mind is a space between matter and shape.

What appears is more than what it is
and what it is, always appears more than what it really is.
Happiness when stretched to its limits, snaps into bliss,
while suffering is just the change
that is attached to the need for peace.

What is there to disbelieve
when there is nothing to agree?

January 04, 2011

11 years and 2 centuries

Now, before we ride the winds
we have to realize once again
that we are only friends,
attempting to ease each others pain.

In the end we have been blind
to a few things here and there,
but when we rewind,
to the times we have shared
it becomes clear,
that the best,
has always been on our mind.
So what now that we have arrived
at a new phase of transition?
Do we look ahead,
or relish the vast view behind?

Somehow it is obvious,
what needs to be done.
One is not a trivial expression of the many.
No one is simply devoid of a collective reality.

We all are in this thing together, walking the line between faith and fear.

So before we ride the winds
we have to talk to our selves once again.
Do we exist only in our minds?
Or such a possibility is completely insane?

Others may confirm,
that such is not the case.
They may say that we are all in each others heads.
But does that really alter this transition phase?

When we look ahead do we see the past,
or is it just the shadows projecting,
on some possible future's haze?

The solution remains unchallenged -
if at all we are to believe anything,
it has to be what is in the present.
Everything else is constantly rearranged -
Reality is continuously earned and spent.

It is not only the stories that we read,
but also the stories that we write,
which we absolutely need
to enlighten our deepest insights.

Information has to pass through
for our evolution to proceed
chaos has to be balanced too
for such creativity to breed.

There is no one to follow anymore.
There is no one to lead.
But what we are is what we see,
And there's nothing to know except to be.