November 06, 2011

Space-Time Continuum Explained in 3^3 Movements.

This video beautifully demonstrates the fundamental complementarity of space-time.
The farther we go in terms of distance, the more we travel into the past.
As we arrive 100 million light years away from the earth we get into very deep space.
Beyond that is an abysmal spatial field so dense and so luminous that it is hard to imagine that we are such an invisibly microscopic component of such an infinitely large universe.

100 million light years away - now that is distance (space) expressed in terms of the time it takes for light to travel. 

Space flips into Time.

Now if we go deeper inside the structure of matter, particularly living matter, and specifically a human being, then we encounter the special cellular,  molecular,  atomic, and sub-atomic dimensions of micro-space.
It is all pure information beyond that.
At this quantum level everything is dependent upon the observer, while the observer him/her self is a human being made of the same quantum matter.
At this level of reality we don't have any certain information.
At this level of reality we ARE information.
At this close range - 0.000001 angstroms to be specific - things change at the speed of light.

It is hard to imagine that our Self is a Universe in itself!

 From this sub-atomic perspective, the forces of creation and destruction keep constantly vibrating.
There is tremendous energy at this level.

Change is therefore the only constant in the universe.
Everything is impermanent.
It is all simultaneously ephemeral .... and eternally mercurial.
The Big Bang - from which our Universe is thought to be born - was not unlike a quantum event.
An infinitesimally small particle, of infinite density, exploded about 13.7 billion years ago - with a very Big Bang.

All this happened way beyond (and before) the 100 million light years of perspective that we see in this video.

Time flips into Space

October 16, 2011

Links to Clues about Hints...

Happiness is the most sought after Emotion
which makes Greed the obvious consequence of an Obsessive desire to constantly be happy. 

Mindfulness patiently watches over this ephemeral scene...

Consciousness is the awareness 

July 27, 2011

Exploding Egoes Goes without Exploring...or Explaining

There is music in my mind,
and painting on my fingers.
Poetry is my voice,
and an ocean is my skin.

I live in skies....
full of infinite mystery.
so many reasons and whys
to think about reality - for eternity.

I have a countless emotions to feel
and I am very desperate to be real.
I have this intense desire
to forget myself
But I also have an equally strong urge
to simply remember Me....

But I am as much in love with You
as much as you are in love with your Self.

I am extremely old
and I am also brand new.

I hate it when I am unable to love.
But I love it when I am unable to hate.

I can fly far above
and I can dwell deep within.
I am the author of my own story,
But I am also the reader -
my own critique,
of my personal history.
I agree -
I am full of my self
and I am constantly Me.
But in my emptiness is you
and I imagine you are an endless sea...

 I love "you" more
than you can ever see.

There are waves in my mind
and colors in my eyes
This is my poetry...
for you - a gift from me.
So are we really distinct...
you and me?

July 20, 2011

enuff of this stuff

I'm about to shout
and get the hell out,
but I doubt if such plans
are about to sprout...
into seeds, stems, shoots, and fruits.
The weeping willows
have resorted to pillows
talking out their voices
through impersonal prejudices
These spaces
between words
have meant a lot....
and much more
But why
do I even care
to share with you my chores?
I'm about to laugh
and tame a sane giraffe,
but I doubt if such stuff
exists or is bluffed.
The taxidermist's tale
has failed to regale
the poachers of the east
who have basked in its shades.
The hunters have found
the food of the gatherers,
while the little ones paid
their dues in blue feathers
The fathers have mothered
their children for so long,
this song is about to blow
on the tip of your tongue...

July 07, 2011

State of fate at the gate where the great arrive late....

At the very least
I can say, "Come on...share the feast"
These are times like that
The fun never ends...
and the best part is always about to begin.
So what happens next when the wall is left without a word to be said?
Well,  the climate somehow appears to be less dense than it was before.
Layers of information have succumbed to the surface of these stones.
And therefore -
the mind is the most incredible thing to contemplate upon. 
Absolutely unbelievable.
Simply fantastic.
After all without the mind there is no glory nor shame 
no curiosity no knowledge.
Without the mind there is no ignorance or greed, hunger or poverty, time or eternity.
There is no such thing as uncertainty - without the mind.
The mind is the source of all questions asked.
The mind is the fertile soil for thoughts to play an infinitely open field - countless possibilities and answers to endless more queries.
Mind is where money is and mind is why matter exists.
Eons of human history exist in the mind.
Enough about all this already. 
Hope you don't mind.
But after all
You are also in my mind.
Hell, you are more in your mind than mine.

Is there any way out of this dream?
Fortunately NO!
Even nightmares wont suffice.
This is a continuous stream.
Swim with its flow
- the possibilities are suggested by the roll of your dice.

July 03, 2011

Circular circles encircling the circuit

the music shook the container
in which the big stuff banged.
most likely,
a countless such quantum events,
exploded from this cosmic vibration. 

the patterns,
of smoke and dust,
syncopated with the rhythm,
of this divine continuum.

the scintillating waves,
of pitch and scale,
were enmeshed
in the harmonic expression
of this eternal song.

there is no organism without an orgasm. 
incidentally there is no orgasm without an organism. 

Its circular
and its full of nothingness.

It is interconnected
to the very end 
where infinite other beginnings commence.

Let them say which way

But the seven sized man
has an odd-sized van
he can never be the same
with his half baked brain
the wilderness of ties
had widened his smiles
the walking stick sale
had heightened his pain.

The bitter sweet maid
had paid for her pride
the wide eyed boys
had lied when she cried
the little one inside
had reached out his hand
to stand on the edge
of his sight just to hide

June 29, 2011

Mind your words and I will mind mine

Everyone has full freedom and access to their own mind.
Information is flowing like a river of water turned to wine.
Some of this is yours and some of it is mine
but we are riding the wave on an infinite sine.
You're the 1
and I'm just a zero,
I'm the clown
and you are the hero.

June 09, 2011

The Universal Constant

through a tunnel of narrow radius
a thought surfaces out,
and turns into an ocean wave,
like a seed emerging a sprout.
like a surfer under a golden sunset,
it manifests its illusive self.
like the balance of the feet
on the wooden board and scales
the mind becomes aware 
of consciousness....

Where does this happen
you may say?
or when?
...if that's your preferred way?
Well it happens here
- now and then...
before it becomes 
another wave again.

Its a continuum of harmonics 
spread out over the brain
and it continues again 
to each and every cell within its reign.
But it doesn't stop there...
it holds beyond what can be held
- extending outside the skin,
into the reflections of those eyes,
perceived by the occipital lobe within.
each nerve and every neuron
play their cosmic game
all the way up into the D. N. A...
Spiral conversations in meditation
- a gigantic mutation ingrained.
Perched at this apparent end
spin the electrons and their quarky friends
disappearing into wavy strings
as space and time bends and sings.
And when there is resonance
there is music indeed,
which alternates with the chaos
- fluctuating pitch and changing speed.
The waves crash on the shore
and not a single thing is like it was before
the rocks have slightly weathered
and the universal constant has changed some more.

January 28, 2011

Another piece of plain poetry that rhymes with the insanity of being free

The literal meaning of absolve is to loosen up or to clarify,
it has nothing to do with the 'concept' of sin.
Competition is another concept often misunderstood
it is not about defeating to win or to prove what 'should'.
It is rather a symptom of the need for cooperation
a way of imagining the world by asking what one could.

What one could do, be, or is
is only up to the one who does, becomes, and is.
Life is a time frame between birth and death.
Mind is a space between matter and shape.

What appears is more than what it is
and what it is, always appears more than what it really is.
Happiness when stretched to its limits, snaps into bliss,
while suffering is just the change
that is attached to the need for peace.

What is there to disbelieve
when there is nothing to agree?

January 04, 2011

11 years and 2 centuries

Now, before we ride the winds
we have to realize once again
that we are only friends,
attempting to ease each others pain.

In the end we have been blind
to a few things here and there,
but when we rewind,
to the times we have shared
it becomes clear,
that the best,
has always been on our mind.
So what now that we have arrived
at a new phase of transition?
Do we look ahead,
or relish the vast view behind?

Somehow it is obvious,
what needs to be done.
One is not a trivial expression of the many.
No one is simply devoid of a collective reality.

We all are in this thing together, walking the line between faith and fear.

So before we ride the winds
we have to talk to our selves once again.
Do we exist only in our minds?
Or such a possibility is completely insane?

Others may confirm,
that such is not the case.
They may say that we are all in each others heads.
But does that really alter this transition phase?

When we look ahead do we see the past,
or is it just the shadows projecting,
on some possible future's haze?

The solution remains unchallenged -
if at all we are to believe anything,
it has to be what is in the present.
Everything else is constantly rearranged -
Reality is continuously earned and spent.

It is not only the stories that we read,
but also the stories that we write,
which we absolutely need
to enlighten our deepest insights.

Information has to pass through
for our evolution to proceed
chaos has to be balanced too
for such creativity to breed.

There is no one to follow anymore.
There is no one to lead.
But what we are is what we see,
And there's nothing to know except to be.