July 31, 2010

Look at the night sky....

On an assembly line of magic the worlds were made with customized realities and pay-per-view worldviews.
The children born were assigned birthdays and the seasons were forgotten and the skies too. 
Then some children did the sort of thing that children normally do - the 'abnormal' behavior as the adults put it.
They went about seeking their own opinion, painting their own pictures of glory, and sculpting fantasies of doom. 
Some of them were exceptional.
Others were yet about to bloom. 
Most would someday succumb to the system and be trapped behind the machine doors, behind a veil, a suit, a tie, and eyes that glint with avarice and feet that march to unquestioned rules. 
Time went by and the structures multiplied like a monolithic skyscraper into dreamy skies.
But something else was also happening.

Something else is always happening - outside all this and also deep within.
There were cosmic events of quantum proportions that had the potential energy to disassemble the mechanistic pin-point glory of this euphemistic modernity to emerge as a self-organized moment of spontaneity. 
In a word - eternity.
The culprit of course was Consciousness. 
It just couldn't keep up with the charade, and ultimately it saw the horizon through the shadowy lines of smoggy oceanic thoughts.
It was the aurora maybe, or perhaps the sense of that solar system out there floating through the milky way, amongst the deepest fields of space where time collapsed into an idea of singularity. 
What a quantum of solace that must be!

And then something more happened. 
(Like something more always happens.)
The realization of the infinite reality resulted in a moment of eternity. 
The most natural state of mind was autonomically selected by an epigenetic feedback wave and the biggest picture ever was conceived. 
The very structure of the brain, its neuronal networks, its molecular labyrinths, its countless symbionts, its endless strings of atoms and quarks - all of it just scintillated into an ephemeral bonanza of voluptuous beauty. 
It was the uber-climactic epiphany.
The superlative crystallization of creativity
What happened next?
Well why don't we find out?

...look at the sky!