April 06, 2010


It is perfectly possible for things to appear somewhat impossible, but it’s certainly not possible for things to be absolutely impossible.
Words unfold in a world that has secreted the words that make up the world.
Circular Logic?
You ask me?
There is a point to all of these things in the end I suppose - the impossible ones as well as the possible ones - although what is a point if not an abstract manifestation of space-time?
In a way that too is uncertain.
We are certain about things only to the extent where ambiguity becomes obvious.
But when does such a thing as 'uncertainty' become obvious?
Certainly, uncertainty cannot be tamed by a principle alone!
What are we really ignorant about then?
The where and when - that's just a play between what we call Obsession and Zen.
Are we ignorant of bliss then? You ask me?
Circles again.
Round and round we go, the wheel, the flow of up and down waves, which oscillate through our ancient brain like those visions that have constantly changed places through the openings of our mind's caves - sun rise and sun set.
Thoughts are like clouds that percolate on a temporary scale, conjuring up images that have special meaning, only to the innocent and the naive.
So when it rains it pours and our thoughts just occur between sun and shade.
Time is really between the slices of such moments, within the crevices of an undeniable invisible space.
We believe that we carry a lunatic in our head, as we groggily wake up and continue to dream in the world beyond the comfort of our sleeping bed.

Therefore....a circle with the radius equal to Pi covers an infinite area.
Now that’s a point
What is madness if not an impossible dream?
You ask me?