February 19, 2010


There is a red dot on the ceiling
Meaning someone was there
We are all minions with opinions
And we fool ourselves that we care

Life is a bubble that bursts into moments
It shall be eternal though it appears at rest
Things are ultimately just pennies and cents
We seem to be living but we are running out at best

Nothing is what it seems
Everything is what it is
Reality is the other side of dreams
In the end, what we have is what we miss

Somehow, somewhere we have heard the whisper,
Quivering near a round of smiles.
The words slip by like a silver sliver,
While here we wonder all the while

There is a red dot on the ceiling
Meaning someone was here
Like listening to the other sides
Besides the glistening fears.

Little Man oh little Man
Do what you think you can
I for one don’t care anymore
And this is not like it was before

Sometimes I am the devil
Sometimes I am god
Sometimes I am a sinner
Sometimes I am a saint

February 11, 2010


Done with the dancing.
Done with the song.
How far have we been and how long?
Some people just belong to the stories that they tell, and yet it is always about someone else's life too.
So how many times have we asked the question, "How many times...?"
If the answer that we are looking for does not come too soon, will we just wait for yet another blue moon? By the way the day has been so much more than yesterday.
It was in the late 70s that the memories of bodies painted with bathing suits came out on the cover of the portrait that seemed to wait for the world to spin around once more. Who will the bottle point to was on everyone's mind.
Kiss and tell they said. We have one more task to complain and then we are done.
Done with the dancing and done with the song.
Before we take the fake person out of the room, lets unscrew our own head.
Lets examine the question in a different light.
Would we be the same if it was always night?
The pictures will keep fading as I record these happenings.
Who are they talking about?
What did they whisper and what did they shout?
If only we knew, we would have danced some more.
Sung another song before we crossed the shore.
The waves were aroused by the moon, and the sky had covered the night with a blanket of silver stars.
It was alright so far.
How soon would the tides fade?
How soon will it take the fake person to identify the unscrewed head lying pointlessly on the bed?
Just a kiss could tell.
But we don't have time for that sort of thing.
It is either now or nothing.
Never can we argue about the things that we can't think.
Below the towers the margaritas flushed into a machine of booze, flowing through a stream of smoke.
The red light filtered the words that were soon to be forgotten under the breeze.
What a joke!
We have heard them laugh many times before.
We have heard them crack under the whip of the scary sorcerer.
What did the future hold we were never told.
Our ignorance appeared to be a shadow cast in the past somehow.
If tomorrow we die, will it appear that we had been so and so?
Only time will tell.
Hugs and kisses.
X and O.

February 01, 2010

You are You

You are smarter than the jackals, little girl
You are stronger than their shackles, you really are
Just stay within your silence
and shine beyond your light
Just keep your own distance
and see beyond your sight.

You are purer than the darkness, little girl
you are newer than the stars, you really are
Just carry on with your smiles
and wipe away your tears
Just keep to your own self
and be your self without fears.

You are greater than the others, little girl
you are greater than them all, you really are
The galaxies in the skies are you
and all the inner space is yours.
You are brighter than the brightest blue
You are you and we all are yours.