December 31, 2009

Happy 2 Thousand & Ten!!!

We exist in choices.

Choices are hurling around us, popping up, sliding, swiveling, scintillating and tantalizing - dancing around us.

We are guided by a plethora of choices that have probabilistic patterns of occurring and emerging as our existence unfolds from one moment to the next.

Its our mind that makes these choices, but each choice that we make, each moment of our life, is in itself a probabilistic pattern of occurrences, emerging - in our mind - as it too unfolds in a pattern that is consistent with its ontological history - 'our' ancient memories.

These choices extend back into time - eternally.

And these choices connect to everything - through the branching patterns that extend infinitely into a space that emerges in such eternity.

'This' is here and now - it is our only choice really.

Everything moves unpredictably, but probabilistically, into and towards, a future - certain with uncertainty.

And when there is a moment of pause - we think.

We wonder what this is all about.

We ask, "who are we?"

We don't really exist as a single personality do we?

We exist as a resonant composite of multiple personalities manifesting as probabilistic occurrences - events, moods, rituals, practices, exercises, protocols, belief-systems, regimens - states-of-mind(s)!

How can something, that is constantly moving, be imagined as something, which is constantly static?

If everything in the universe changes, then so do we.

The sun travels 250 kms each second (each second) to make its orbit around the galactic center of the milky way.

Thats how much we move each second.....Each second on earth that is.

There are 86400 seconds every day - which is really just once around ourselves from a terrestrial perspective.

But from the solar perspective, we have moved 21600000 kms in a single earth day, tethered along with the Sun, moving into the unknown.

So what really is a year?

Once again around the Sun?

Happy two thousand and ten!

December 16, 2009

Soul without a clue (or a goal)

As a warped up soul without a goal he drifted off too soon to the clue.
His woman was lost, his friend was a ghost and he didn’t know what to do.
So he walked along with a song in his mind trying to keep it real.
The beating sun had chased him blind and he didn’t know what to feel.
The mountain lions from side to side were often where he would hide
His courage was a bag full of rotten sage - his eyes had cried and dried.
The following day he made his way towards the giant trees
He wished he could rest under its shade and feel its gentle breeze.
The poachers had found their prey and were waiting for the heat.
He wondered what would happen now if he asked them to retreat?

That night he heard a deafening shot that caught his bleeding shin.
With many more months to walk, he could no more hide his skin.
They say he faded into northern woods besides the dairy queen
The world had yet to discover then what lay within his broken dream.
Without a pause the cause of being – everything said before was lost
In time the viceroy made his speech, he said everything has a cost
So what would you be if not for the tree that gave away to his soul?
What would have been where would it seem that we have reached our goal?

December 07, 2009

Homeless sells 'em "Oh!"

There is a black hole looking for a place to stay.
It is all awkward to think about in a way.
Who ever imagined that a black hole would require a place to stay?
I mean, it has all the space to stay in.
I mean, 'it' is a black hole for crying out cloud - the birthing place for galaxies!!!
Either ways, the news item says that a black hole is looking for a place to stay.
And it is looking for this place in some galaxy to be specific.
Makes you wonder what it all means!
Does it not?

"Why would a black hole need a place to stay?", for instance.
It was referred to as homeless - without a home.
So what happens when it finds a new galaxy and it makes itself at home?
What then?
Now knowing that its a black hole, it may certainly swallow parts of the host galaxy - being homeless and probably starved!
After a good meal, it may meditate like the Buddha, and achieve enlightenment, nirvana, zen.... freedom of mind, body, and soul, ....
.....union with a moment in eternity....

And what must that be like?
We can only wonder.
After all we have to wonder a lot just to 'imagine' a black hole.
But if we do manage all that, we can imagine that it’s most likely that the black hole will birth a new universe, a new cosmos.
And with the new cosmos will be born new worlds, new suns and moons, planets and comets.
And who is to say that the possibility of life on one of these planets is a totally odd suggestion?
After all, one cannot even 'imagine' a black hole without mathematical data and scientific conjecture and proof!

I wonder if in the aftermath of one such black hole finding its place, could be born one such universe and if in one such universe there is one such planet, where one such life form is wondering about having a nice good meal and sitting under a tree to meditate?
Would it not be home.....