November 23, 2009

Further instructions in imageless continuity.

Beta testing of alpha particles failed miserably as the technology that was invented to salvage us overlooked the intricacies of our caged slavery.
It was all self-inflicted too!!!
That was the hardest fact to swallow.
But with a little binder, almost all bitterness can be made into palatable mind-candy.

So here's yours:

You stick out you tongue when no one is watching.
You seem to be aloof when someone is trying to catch your attention.
You are too self-involved to ask for the objective truth.
You are too shy to express yourself.
Your arrogance is only surpassed by your utter reverence to irrelevant deities.
You never look up at the sky and wonder about your place in this infinite universe.
You are often distracted by a countless choices every moment.
You are trapped in a prison built by your own mind.
You dream of freedom, but you have no idea where to begin.
You are completely oblivious of your true self.
You are helplessly impatient with true virtues.
You are misguided by fate.
You intentionally pass on coincidental opportunities.
You worry about the opinions of those who do not exist.
You are needlessly afraid of the inevitable end.

The last one there is where I would begin with, but then some people like to begin with the dessert.

Speaking of sweet endings, I recently dreamt of a mirage, speeding invisibly through the highway traffic, stealthily hidden from the eyes in the sky.
They are watchful always you know.

Before you move on to other things, why don't you sit and relax a bit.
Can you feel the space between your skin?
Can you see the continuum of your body extending boundlessly for eternity?

OK. Now you are ready.
Go ahead.
Do what you want!

The most commonly occuring words on this blog...the knots in the invisible thread

November 19, 2009

return to innocence

Briefly some children can think for themselves and ask for themselves the questions that they can answer for themselves.
Yes, the adults say that its all imagination, but then where would the adult world be without imagination?
Where would the wheel or fire be?
What about art and religion?
And what about the language and technology that we have embodied us through our evolutionary journey?
There is nothing without imagination.
No primordial beginnings, no apocalyptic ends, no quantum bottomlessness and no semiotic fractals of the biological world of which we consider ourselves as the supreme arbiters.

Children work with facts of course.
They work with the facts that the adults tell them.
They work with the facts that the world tells them, their history tells them, their culture tells them.
Children however are equipped with an infinite imagination power.
They turn the letters and words into interesting rhythms and rhymes.
They transform mud and sand into castles in the air.
They paint animals in the sky with just the colors and shaped of clouds.
The facts of information have relatively unpredictable effects on the nascent minds of infants, toddlers, and the naive talking entities of innocence that explode into hormonal eddies as adolescence approaches.

It is irrelevant that personalities take shapes and characters are moulded to make social animals out of the quintessential infancy.
It is also without doubt true that the young ones of all species are fundamentally innocent. But then how far back does it go?
Is our cellular nature even more rudimentary as far as our existential reality goes?
How about our genetic self, our molecular self?
We are all information encoded as ATGC as far down and as far back in time we can go.
But it does not end there.
It goes on and on.
What is our true nature?

It is clear that in the context of the infinite, we are ourselves untouched epiphenomena of the universal nature, what the Hindus call the Brahman.
The innocence of our childhood is a testimony to this premise.
But we are born into a world that is created based on some rules.
No doubt that these rules are inspired from nature itself.
And its certainly true that these rules are borne out of our own nature - human 'and' animal.
But our unawareness of this reality is also a consequence of this rule-based world view, where nothing is strictly 'real' in an objective sense.
Our minds seem to be under this natural selection pressure where we appear to flip between the world of the Brahman, and the world of the ignorant fool.
We seem to constantly struggle between the polarities of our spirit and our body, and if we are lucky, we mature through this journey by gaining wisdom.

The suggestion here is that wisdom is connected with innocence.
Experiential progress through the world of constantly fluctuating information results into emergence of states of mind that are aided buy the semiotic inputs and outputs that typify our day to day existence.
As these events accrue and reach inherently placed individual thresholds, the innocence metamorphoses into wisdom.

Life is a creative process punctuated by imbalances and inconsistencies that form feedback loops emanating on the horizon where transformation takes place and the mind reaches beyond the material constraints of sub-existence. We are no more adults then.
Such is the full circle that spirals infinitely.
Such is our return journey to innocence, from whence we came!