August 26, 2009

9 to f.i.v.e.

When the sounds of the resounding thunder melted in the afternoon air, the trailing dust and smoke from the bus settled deep within the confines of mundane memories-slipping away one at a time. The people seemed to be everywhere at once but going nowhere in particular. Some were aloof and some were stunned. The highlight of the ride was the beggar who seemed to smile with a hint of tears in his eyes. The blue sky above begged for some more rain.
The clouds seemed to care less.
They just drifted away.

Across the green the golfers swung their clubs. The water was placid and glassy, almost like ice. As the passengers moved ahead and got off at their destinations, the driver began to grow restless.
The bus was emptying in quick succession.
Soon the last stretch would be spent in constant loneliness.
But he never talked to anyone.
At all.

To whom the directions were sent, those people simply wasted away their time on the non-trivial banalities of splendid games.
The winners and the losers were all out on board - ready to fight at the sight of the flag.
Peace was lost in the checkered patterns of right and wrong.
"Which side are we on?"
- they all wondered.

The blinding light of the late afternoon faded into am exploding sunset.
The ocean seemed calmer as strangers returned back towards their homes.
Some were afraid they would never see another sight so beautiful again.
Some just smiled for what they had won.

The living were spread out amongst the dead.
The breathing of their brains pulsated with the whining of their muscles and skin.
Within each one resided a human being.
Beyond the skeletal support rested a soul...unknown and unseen.

"How long has it been?"
-the passenger asked again...
The driver came back to the crowd clinging behind his seat.
Its been 20 minutes sir - he said.
And then he was dead.

The crowd gasped in unison.
A small child on the front seat began to sob.
The tears from his mothers eyes glistened on his forehead.
The bus went out of control and drifted off the highway, into a valley between the hills
-it just tumbled down the sides.

When it stopped. There was a rose petal buried under it. Several hundred years ago, a young boy had planted its seed. Today, the funeral had arrived to the flower's red feet.
Today, a thousand martyrs had suffered what one had expected to defeat.
Freedom was just around the corner, but blissfully ignorant.
The souls just wandered back to the shore, waiting for the sea to embrace them like before.
Just then the bell rang. It was time to stop again.
Another passenger got off, and the bus continued its course.
The sun set in the distance, shadowing everyone with its glow.
There were smiles in the crowd.
Another day off work from nine to five.