July 29, 2009

In search of a quest.

Surrender in your thoughts
to let go what you have got
when the time is up to speak
you can wake up and shriek

The wells have gone dry
these words just stumble by
you have slept in them for too long
now its time to sing The song

The music is in your head
and your mind has often sped
the following footsteps seem
out of sync don't you think?

If these were sounds of tomorrow
then where have we been yesterday?
What were we up to then
that led us to this day today?

Oh I know. Why ask such things?
But then what else is there to think?
Why not break this tiny machine
and let go ourselves in a whim?

Often the words pause
and then simply flow
what are all these thoughts?
And where really do they go?

Carpets are covered with skin
the books are lined within
with wisdom and tales of times
that have often seemed to smile

Over here there is another thing
over there it has a different ring
the truth is always out there
but the search is always with in.

July 15, 2009

An ob ser vation on now.

You are you.

On the left is you.
On the right is you.
You are the one, watching you.

You are eyes, ears, skin, and a brain.
You are behind your smile.
You are over your own pain.

You exist as good and bad.
You are the one who is extremely happy.
You are the one who is terribly sad.

You want some more when its more than you have.
You hide yourself from the mirror and the sky.

You walk alone with someone by your side.
You are never alone so you constantly hide.

You are all that exists for you.
You are all who lives through you.

You are afraid to die so you cant seem to live.
You are afraid to live so you slowly seem to die.

You are connected with others and others are with you.
You are followed by your shadow and others are by you.
You are in here and you are out there.
You were then - and now - you will be.
You are the one who always sees.

You ask why, or who am I?
I am you and you are I...

July 09, 2009

Woo Who??

In absolution without dissolution of traits,
the floating manatees will never meet our gaze.
We will drift in their waters on shallow hurdles of pain.
We will wait and debate whether we will see ourselves again.

After losing our sight we will fight for our vision.
Through division and subtraction we will add to our confusion.
Before we know it we will beyond this dimension
Demented emotions will earn ephemeral damnation.

Through the wind the thoughts will bind
beyond the thoughts our ideas will rewind.
Before we know it we will have forgotten
the memories of a future and that passing illusion.

Together in this sea shall we strain for our souls
Gathering the reasons we had drowned in some hole.
From pole to pole we stretched these wings
And for what we asked? Just mere worldly things?

Before we know it we will certainly be through.
Through and through of an aftermath of a clue.
We hope we will wait - and probably debate
whether we will see who we lost our selves to...