March 20, 2009

Anticipated Visions

Slowly the infant crawled across the floor, moving a little bit more.

Somehow, suddenly one day, he was walking on the road.

The road to 'nowhere in particular' really, because the stars in whose constellation his blue planet was nested was hurling into a future destination about which no one had a clue.

So he walked and he learned to ride the bicycle. He learned to ride the scooter and the motorcycle.

He was soon behind the steering wheel of a boltening fast car and the first time he flew was in an aircraft that touched mach 2.

Somehow, suddenly one day, he was 32.

And the space occupied by his solar system was still changing rapidly by the year...., hour, and second.

Time passes by and you pass along.

It was just as sudden that he fell in love.

It was just as sudden that he made love.

Somehow suddenly one day he too had a son, crawling on the floor, desperately trying to run.

Three more decades passed by like three hours in the sun. The clouds came by and the seasons took their turn.

The old man was 62 as he watched his son - take off to the moon. He remembered the time when he could barely run.

HE remembered the time when "he" could barely run.

Millennia passed by like the circles around Saturn. Thoughts came in and thoughts went out. Generations of men and machines came about. Lifetimes had stretched into hundreds of years while ghosts were living and smiling without tears. Wings of fire burnt in the shade of virtual realities prophesized by the sage. He had lived in these times when this was a past before a future inevitably "hidden". It was all happening off-stage.

He looked far into the horizon. There was infinite space and eternal time. What more can you expect anyway.

March 02, 2009

A new view you always knew..

This is a Pythagorean room with an Euclidean view.

Nothing here is old and nothing here is new.

It all comes down to two things alone.

Without being undone, you cannot go ahead.

So instead you wait some, for the static sun to burn.

The earth to turn and the moon to return.

This is an imaginary room with an imaginary you. If you see this view in your dreams you better believe it’s true. Sometimes it may appear to be moving very slow. But mind you it’s just you who is really keen to go.

So go on. Continue with your goal. Continue to find your mind. Continue to seek your soul.

Fallen angels will kiss your feet and dirty dirt will taste surprisingly sweet. So continue to walk through, it’s just your own self split in two.

At times the sun explodes when it shatters on the floor. This room is not all that stable, especially when you have never been here before. But don’t be alarmed. It is just a perfect storm, which blows out your eyes as you stare through this window and expect it to snow.

Look again. You can see yourself running - away from the rain. At the end of a mountain, you sit and stare. You have been here before, and you know that it’s true. There is a slight smile and a dull memory of pain.

The flowers have changed colors while the trees grew taller. You have missed subtle moments when you went after that shore. The sea was static waves when you watched it long enough. It was you who is flowing when the wind whispered “hello”...

Do you feel you are trapped here alone? Think about those people who have been here before.

Look at the ceiling, up high above. Do you see those smiles splashed across the door?

Ok. Now you have found a way. Pass through it and you shall instantly see the trick.

But first wait. Are you really prepared to deal with such intense uncertainty?

Or are you so uncertain, that you'd pass this fun reality?

Time keeps dragging on, don’t you think?

If we just wished it away, it would let us peacefully sleep.

And what then when we wake up again?

What if you find yourself escaping in vain, this room full of views that changed and will change again?