December 20, 2008

O Nein

It is strangely familiar that somethings change while others remain ever changing - just the same.
The bumpy tides of time wash across the borders of this mind.
The stars confirm an extremely real illusion through holes that penetrate the biggest picture - appearing like shards of some fragmented thought.
So when you proceed, be aware.
There is no scope for serious frivolity.
What seems is what you deceive.
In turn, everything remains constantly altered between now and then - here and there.
Everything is the same except for what is not-where?

It will be oh nine.
Things will stay fine,
refined without a trace-
composed with sine grace.
Affiliations with delusions,
will be rewarded with secrets.
The mystery will grow
starker than the days.
Treading between lines
of a shifting giddy gaze.
The lines will disappear
behind the fuzzy phase.

Vision is perception plus more.
The less you see this, the more there is yet to know.
How and where we will share the what?
In the end it is why thats all we've got.

So walk again you pair of eyes moving over these restless lines.
Listen you pair of ears staring still under a million connected suns.
And when the night approaches you'll know,
Who this is that told you so...


Above in the deepest heights of inner space, lay buried a voice that often speaks to me about you - and of course to you about me.
Its a trick to see the maze we are in.
You cannot simply win.
Its a prick, isn't it a sin?

Like I said, it will soon be on nine....