October 22, 2008

to b normal is abnormal

there is a red dot on the roof,
a proof that some hands were there.
up and down around a ground,
I am here, surrounded by the sound.

below me, an infinite sea
above me, an endless sky.
my eye reflects my self to me,
I no more wonder how or why?

to be addicted to everything,
is to do nothing at all.
in zen every moment,
is to climb when you fall.

Before you go further,
you have to look behind.
before you surrender,
you have to lose your mind.

presumptions are wrong,
symbols are impermanent.
time is an illusion,
from an outdated song

Poetry - is a a waste of time,
a rhyme is a thoughtless crime.
to break the rules,
is what you really learn in school.
if you agree with that,
you are an endangered fool.


October 14, 2008

All fall down.

Here's to your avarice and greed,
to become what you are not yet,
and to lose what you think you are.

Your quest is my discovery.
I have invented it for nothing.

What have we created
and what has created us,
if we are doomed with an omen
and our only chance is a curse?

somethings are everything
that are sometimes nothing at all.
hanging on some delicate string
we are afraid as we wait to fall.

Is this it?
is this all?
There is certainly something more
this present was never before
after all we are all
going to fall.

October 07, 2008

Avoidance Refrained

You avoid me
devoid of empathy
for who we used to be.
now strangers
in a friendly game
of doctored monopoly.

Till recently
the weather sprayed
fair notions
of anomaly.
But now
we just remain
constrained by
pointless pleas

If we follow
the lines of our shadow
we may never know the sun
but once
we stay still
we will
watch and learn

till then
we burn again.
we place
our shadows where
we wait with no pain
and we pace
and we dare
and we hear
with no disdain
what have
what we crave
but we still
will to gain

October 02, 2008

Following the Follower...

In an upset tone the silence shrilled away at the crowd who seemed to be heading in no particular direction.
Something appeared to be chasing them.
It appeared it was the sun.
They were moving in all possible directions, calmly engrossed in their subconscious exodus.
Once in a while a storm of conflicting emotions would slide them away from the barren repertoire of exclusive control.
Once in a while they would seem human.
It would appear as if they all smiled at once, a giant glint of recognition, a movement of hope.
But just for a moment.
As the sun rises and the alarms go off, they begin to move in a desperate commotion to prove something, to achieve something, to keep the wheel moving, to scrounge for a meal - reinventing themselves.
Rediscovering lost zeal.

A sense of suspended urgency always seems to haunt as the motion of this machine takes turn to reproduce it self - clogging and chugging.
Blogging and Laughing.
Thats the way it is.
Thats the deal.

Solitude remains alive in the bereft illusion of company like a butterfly trapped in a leaf.
Thoughts surrender to random feelings, while greedy sharks eat away the soul in stale dis-belief.
Somehow somethings didn't seem right,
but we all continued with the fight.
Perhaps this war will end someday,
but would we still be
so far away?

Walking in the rains on the mountain slope
they watched the trees disguise their shape.
Talking alone without any hope
they grimly planned for silent escapes.

Wandering about with no glory or shame
they stepped on valour and made up games.
Wondering about the indelible demise
they lost themselves in a green disguise.

we believe that no one is lonely.
But how exactly could we not be?
Its a body, a brain, a mind, and a soul
all neatly packed with no warranty!

Cheers to you my friend
I am wasting myself to no end.
Drink up and don't be late-
you still think this all is fate?