March 27, 2008

The Show

Sometimes the corner of the eyes appear to gather more information than direct sight.
Sometimes the the present can be so overwhelming that you have to let go without a fight.
Sometimes letting go can be so scary that you are forced to keep your eyes open - wide
- confused and worried in suspended tension.

Take in as much as you can.

Perhaps you notice that the view from the corner is something else.
Something new.
If it makes you smile
you may even shed a tear.

The birds begin to chirp when the spring sings in the air.
When the leaves fall to the ground the flowers dance in an odd pair.
Returning from school, the memories of evenings fountain cool feelings in the mind.
Little grains of sand soon to be turned into tools.
Is it fair?

If some music played along it would all sound so sweet - like fresh lemon juice swirling over the tongue while a whiff of subtle fragrance approaches from the street.

A pretty girl gets prettier while an old man dies.
Beggars on the road lie with the flies
Their shadows bloated
when the egos exploded
scared to look
even into their own eyes.

Innocence is never lost.
It remains the weight in a progressively nefarious world.
Everything is taken lightly.
Everything can be fixed.

Persistent static lingers over a masterpiece undone.
The innocents cluster like children on a playground.
Them, and that solitary one who keeps by himself in the corner of the garden - lost in The Three Musketeers.

Life sings the same tune in different rhythms. The garden transforms into a gigantic city and the games become less play and more memos, ads and bills.
The minds begin to melt into a foolish battle of WITH and without.
Outside and within.

Matter does not matter
empty space is the place.

The grain of sand becomes a pebble.
A stone becomes a tool.
The child becomes a fool
and the world becomes one rule.

Now when the skies turn dark the winter burns pain through the soul.
Where has the world gone?
Where is that love,

the solitary man wonders...

One for all and all for one
if you wanna stay alone
find some one
- if you find someone
don't let em go
but if you do
then don't forget em so

"Lets go to the show.. Shall we?"

They smile and proceed.

March 23, 2008

Paranoid-doomsday: Part 1

The lights in the room had changed and this made him very nervous.
It was his room but the lighting wasn't.
Things felt strange.
The neighborhood had grown quiet since the curfew.
The internet was the only thing that appeared to work.

Contact with the outside real-world was virtually virtual.

But then, who could trust the world-web in these circumstances?

He walked up to the door.
Things did not seem as crazy as he imagined them to be but then he was paranoid - Schizophrenic even.

How could he trust anything?
Maybe there was no curfew.

But then the place did seem dead silent.

By now he had become temporally disoriented. How much time had passed?
How long had he been in this house?
He took another of the pills that the good doctor had given him.
He trusted her. She had pretty hair and honest eyes.
She was the only one he trusted.

There were definitely no other people in the house.
Perhaps they had been held up somewhere else in the curfew.
Perhaps they were dead, or worse, non-existent.
It bothered him that he could not remember.
He felt lost - perennially lost.
He perennially felt lost.

But then again, he tended to hear voices.
One could not be sure in such circumstances.

He logged on to the news and was ironically reassured that a curfew was indeed being enforced.
As he read further he realized that the world was under attack by some alien life forms which had taken over the internet.
There were nano-bots in the air and they were potentially taking over everything.

So the internet was infected!!!

How could he trust what he was reading then?

Could it be that his perception had been altered as well?
After all, organisms that could infect the nanobots and the internet could easily infect neural networks in the human brain.

Has it always been like this?
He wondered a lot to himself.
He wondered a lot about himself.
The dialogs within his head had slight variations of different flavors and themes.
He was relentlessly unsure of everything.

But then the time has come to reveal what is really going on here.

Who knows?

March 09, 2008

Prince of Dreams

The prince of dreams
galloped on the wind
he stopped for no one
and thought of nothing

The castles in the air
were there for him
the unicorns were real
and so were his whims

He believed everything
but nothing was his thing
He fell apart many times
- but it wasn't as bad as you think

He galloped on the wind
through tunnels at a time
he moved through the mind
he slowed down in sync

The world came alive
and the chances got too thin
the blissful morning sun
was as cozy as the evening

The prince he sailed alone
for once it was eternity
he was locked in the magic
and it was all his certainty

The castles in the air
came alive in dis-belief
the mountains they were there
but no more than the trees

someone had said someday
that you wouldn't be able to be
what you dream of being you fool
you will be full of dis belief

The prince he sat alone
in the bliss of what he'd done
he had proved that it was possible
to accomplish the im-possible

And he was alone no more
not prince nor a pauper
coz life was about creating
what hasn't been done before.

Experiments with timelessness

Burnt in the sounds of Saturday cartoons, the silent waves of the morning dissipated into a prosaic mood.
The ultimate inevitability of the entire mechanism remained aloof from the mind, locked inside the skull, and waiting patiently to break free - to the next level.

Once you get used to teasing apart layer after layer of IT, you stop resisting the anxiety.
it is a part of IT, of discovering IT, experiencing IT.

The deeper you go - there is no depth.
The higher you fly - there is no height.
The wider you spread the web of your thoughts, you realize that there is no width.

How much time has passed?
The longer it takes - there is no length.
Time manifests as past, future, and present.
The tenses can make you tense, but realize that it is not that intense.
The difference between being-used-to-it and using-it-to-be - is a gradient.

So what if a second is a second and a minute is 60 times IT?
So what if all these Numbers were calculated based on the earths rotation, the angle of its axis and its relationship with the sun?

What about the immense un-seen, un-heard of, un-experienced and un-imagined motion that this entire mechanism meanders through ,giving new meaning to each moment, each thought and each action performed by every living creature on the planet - every single moment, constantly and apparently forever?

I forget I in such a moment, which is not even a state of mind.
It really is the moment - not special but unique, not impermanent but eternal.

This is status quo.
This is timelessness.

There is zero gravity and there is suspended animation, but timelessness is the mother of it all.

Next time we will think about it a little more....
LOL....get IT?
Next TIME !


...walking out loud
head turns around
eyes look at you
a blink and a sound