July 28, 2007

sound light & waves

The source of sound
and the source of light
are orchestrated around
in the shade of the night

vibrations from strings
dance in a hollow wooden box
while the magnetic pickup brings
the electric strings to talk

The lamp on the right side
glows geometric arcs of light
a metal filament in its hide
is the source that shines the night

these 'instruments' of waves
are held to the ground by a force
and the gravity of these thoughts
has its own cryptic source

I watch from a distance
at the picture in my gaze
and I marvel at the dance
of light, sound and waves

July 19, 2007

Catch up with the sun

Right now I can feel
a certain kind of thing
completely out of mystery
on some straaaaange territory

I take a step forwards,
stealing one last glance backwards
moving one step at a time
imagining what inclines behind???

Some steep sort of a slope
rests underneath my wings
my mind is near exploding
into cosmic daily things

Blasphemy is a word
and belief is just a concept
in the very end its all illusions
under stand this and you're safe!

Now let me go to sleep
the other side has to wake
I'll dream - as they live their dreams
waking the sunny side for my sake

July 13, 2007

Stranger Than a Day

How did I, a stranger come to be
such an important part of me?
And, how come I disappeared
before I could even see?

Why does the tide change
exactly when I watch?
why do these troubles fade
slower than my thoughts?

Mind does wax and wane
it does indeed ebb and flow
Sometimes it even feels insane
and sometimes...you just know.

Theres a world on the other side
and it will always be there
the truth is always hidden
in two places at one time

How can I see that truth
how can I be in time?
There is love somewhere out of sync
And this planet is an imagination of mine!