January 02, 2007

Manufactured Reality: Welcome!!

If awareness dawns on you ...
...and you look around
you will see what this is all about
you will see that there are creations everywhere around
that is the mind of nature
and that is the mind in you
It doesn't end anywhere
because it never began any time
it was just there
it just is
and it will always be....

The manufactured reality
is within you and me
it is what this is all about
but it runs itself you see...
Just like that star
in the sky during day
gives birth to life
and the night for a rest....

and it is all in your mind
it is ahead of you,
in you,
and behind you....

It is everywhere you cannot see
it is the things you don't notice
it is all yours
but you cannot have it alone
it is not something you want to own
cause it runs itself on its own unknown
you see...
Its just a thought
give it all you've got
make it into a thing
a fantasy of invisible dreams
make them memories worth recalling
and mix it all up imagining
it cannot help itself but become
your manufactured reality!

Its just really...
...a thought you see?