November 01, 2006

Conflicts with the past

Baba black sheep
have you any wool
shut up, don’t make a peep
stop begging and stay cool.

the fool from my childhood
came crashing on my door
before I understood
he started bashing me on the floor

"wake up" he screamed,
I hear you've dreamed,
of unheard of things...."
"Tell me more", he sings!

I begin my story
from the time I was three
he says that’s bull shit
you cant have that kinda memory

so much for unheard of things!
if you don’t believe then why bother me?
Why then don’t you just sleep
and learn from the sheep
to blindly fit in a herd
and never plunge into the deep?

He walked away without a word
The next day he had joined
the herd of beggars in suits and cars
chasing papers and shiny coins
staring through bars like a caged bird

One for my master
and one for my dame
but a little bit faster
before we end this game...