August 27, 2006

Leaf in the wind...

Come to think about it...
seems like a dream has gotten over
and another has begun,
before the catchers on the run

Trying hard to figure out
how it was with and with out,
these people and these places
these times and these faces...

What are prisons for?
everyone is free
just seperated by walls
we live as you and me.

Come to think about it
I may have been wrong
about the things
that I thought were dreams....
and although its been so long
here I am,
with a brand new song...

In my mind I shed
like a leaf in the wind,
a little less blind,
- a new cocoon,
waiting for new things to spin...

August 11, 2006

Fly story

What does it mean when a fly buzzes around you?
does it see,
a giant creature in me?
Sitting around, going about, looking up, and staring down?
Flying around
my irked face
she merrily enjoys the views
for her I'm a grand canyon sorta place
and maybe she hears different kinda hues
Where do they go at night
out of sight meandering fools?
partying about in a desolate pool
of filth, which for them is cool
Like roman orgies
and greek symposia
they have their own,
their socrates also asks why
are we here and who are we?
In around a bout way
they live through their day
being what they are supposed to be-
their very own version of reality,
they live through life
round you and me!