July 26, 2006


You throw away the key
hear you're going off to see
your child is on the shore
you walk the line alone
You stare at the sky
and you burn those bones
you fear everything
that sings you a song

lose any time
try any ship
fake any road
try any dream
trade every thought
u show every why
for all the times
and you try all the while

take off your hair
shed off your skin
your eyes are burning white
and you are smiling within

between the tries a lie
roaches light
flying without wings
and you're trying to sink

your voice is hoarse
and your parrots are caught
live on on any thing
everything is short
over and over something over
ride a little latter
over and over any over

strings are the thing of the past
watching over microscope the worlds of the last (past)
watching every time
roses SPLAT
splattered on the roads
their screams off the head

rise on the day
then everything is moving
rise on the day
heard that something is opposing

every time I see the TV
I just want to shove it off the window
tools are burning
the shores are sweet
trying to eat
the food you want to lay the meat

sparkle up the cigarettes
drinking all the wine
fairy tales and charms
are wondering alike

taking every breath
u watch you want today
what you want today’s
are off the way
tomorrows for you

Strings the thing of the past
lighting every moments
own version, goings of my heart
trying to be
a key

July 23, 2006

Shower themes

My foot has gone asleep
I weep for her to speak
to shake the stingy sleep
wake across my magic ship.

The winds they run blind
into cliffs that line my mind
come weary of the same ol grind
the timid stars and bubbling signs.

Wined and dined
the kilometers in time
salmon pieces on the plate
palate cured by the crime.

Touched by the clowns stride
cried the funny man outside
holding cheers from the crowds
the putrid dirty hide inside.

Sometimes you just don’t get it do you?
Sometimes you just wish that you knew...

July 22, 2006

Blind what may seem

blind what may seem to you
for me its somewhat quite new
true it may seem to be
different to you than it is to me

the wind speaks a dance
by chance the words spin
within there is a calm
while outside there is a scream

I talk like a chalk
screeching on a slate
late for a thing
or a point of view

singing songs about fate
for me its somewhat new
these eyes already knew
what lies beyond this state

the lights keep flickering
sparkling fire flies in streams
symbols giving speeches
preaching white satin dreams

prying around the sounds
of shattering misty treats
reading poems off the ground
sipping cups full of feats!

July 05, 2006

The Naked Truth

Standing outside
the clothes she had worn
She stood there watching
them shapeless and torn
lying around on the floor
threatening to open some door

But inside her
she still felt unclear
As if she was still clad
in a satin gown
made of her skin
and her hair
a mad hat
adorning her crown

So she took a pill
and lost her skin
she took a blade
and lost her hair
She felt her bones
and it was but fair
that even they should be gone

And so she was
standing all alone
without her bones
stripped off her skin
with not a thing within

She still felt a load
of perhaps her soul
or her amazing powers
to make life on board

And so she lost her mind
and her eyes and her self
but somehow she felt
that she didn’t go blind

She was
wasn’t she?