June 19, 2006


Things were lying about
in a disturbing sort of way
she tried to lie back
but they wouldn’t go away

Sometimes she shut her eyes
and sometimes she closed her ears
but then she would hear those cries
of shrieking yesteryears

She tried to forget
the things that had happend
just a hollow pretext
for a shallow sort of person

But things were deep
things were very very deep.
it was almost hard to tell
wakefulness from sleep

It was a strange kind of hell
to feel these things...
it is almost hard to tell,
you delight
full of meanings

now compare this to that
and stop reading for a while
look away and stare
does it make you smile,
or do you even care?

Life is what has happened!
what will,
is already happening!
What will,
is already hap...........

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June 10, 2006


coming from here
going there
the seconds pass by
and seem to go no where

green, white and brown
are the colors of this town
somewhere there's a blue
hidden above the view
prime numbers float here
they are quite real, I swear
the pattern(s) alter somewhere
the true picture remains unclear

A sound trembles in the heat
A moan embraces the beat
she waits to touch those dreams
of receding memories

the light has gotten dim
the birds can no more sing
people are closing their eyes
to see the same sun…rise

the shadow has turned yellow
the mind has fallen mellow
a dawn is coming soon and
soon it will be noon

the pretty face is tired
coz another day has gone
when fireworks were fired
and another year was gone

several lives have gone extinct
this change has different meanings
the water has now flown over
a meager pocket full of things

June 04, 2006

Adventures beyond the dark

Contd. from...

It was a weird kind of darkness.
There were weird thoughts going through THE head.
Lucy did not know what was happening.
There was a serious lack of any logic, emotion or rationale.
There was no continuum, no infinity, no origin, or eternity.
The end was a clear and undisputable fact.
There was no language even.
There was something akin to mathematics-or perhaps music-but most of it felt like semiotic fractals.

Lucy was in the middle of childbirth.

No, she was not delivering.

She was BEING delivered.

Conscious awareness at the beginning of memory is rare. However, just because something is rare does not mean it is impossible. In fact, one does not even have to wonder whether something is possible. It is the surprise and the unpredictability of the universe that man is perennially amazed by.
The rest is merely our response to that wonder:
our long road of investigation, exploration and enlightenment .

But what about in Lucy?

She ACUTALLY had some kind of a conscious awareness about who she was AS she was BEING BORN.
This is indeed a very unlikely phenomenon if viewed in the light of predictability. However, it is hardly implausible when you consider the whole thing while floating your mind in the chaos of probability!

So yeah, it was happening to Lucy. She was entering the WORLD via a biological process called childbirth, and she seemed to be 100% aware of this entire process….
unlike the rest us…maybe!

A light appeared at the other end. She was pulled out by a pair of gloved hands.

Suddenly she could feel the presence of a complex environment.
She was like a frog out of a pond…
for the first time ever!

She opened her eyes, and gave out an involuntary squeal.
She looked into the light.
Light was a very different experience.
She wanted to say something, but she was not able to.
She seemed to be having difficulty getting past some kind of a (develop)mental block that was making her brain incompatible with the drastically different environment she had just stepped into.

Imagine installing a new chip in your computer.
Now imagine that, the chip is from some different planet.
So here you have a chip that fits in the mother board of your machine, and seems to be perfectly compatible. However, at the human interface, you have no idea about what is on the screen or what the computer is capable of computing.

One cannot do or make anything out of such a computer till one has figured out the grammar of the language that runs it.

So Lucy was a chip from a different planet’...just for the sake of analogy.

From an outsiders perspective (viz the author or the reader of this narrative) the birth of young Lucy seems like a very bizarre event. But Lucy, being the one experiencing this "hyper-reality" must surely be the most non-pulsed one amongst us all.

She looked about the room. They were all strangers. There seemed to be some kind of a strong force attracting her to the woman on the operating table, the woman she came out of.

Lucy closed her eyes for a while as the cord was cut.
She felt like an astronaut who was let loose into space.

Now you have to understand, Lucy had no knowledge, whatsoever, about astronauts or outer space. It is just an analogy to convey to you a feeling that neither you nor I have ever experienced, but are both capable of imagining it...except if you have been defenestrated into outer space, in which case you better call me soon!

And thus, Lucy was born into this world on 6th june 2006.
Just kidding, the date was 9th September 1999.

The next few years were a systematic set of rules that she was subjected to live by.
These rules were laid down upon her by her mother, her father, her grandparents and the friends she started to make when she began to crawl and explore the terrestrial dimension.

When Lucy learned to walk, she was euphoric.
When she learnt to talk, she was ecstatic.
When she began to think, she felt enlightened….

But then, she was enlightened since birth!!

She felt that finally her thoughts were making sense to herself.
Or at least she didn’t feel like a sage trapped in a broken cage.

"Life had thus commenced!"

Everything was fine for 20 years….
Then she met the other Lucy.
After that, everything had changed!

June 02, 2006


Its possible
that I can lose
almost everything you see.
But I cannot lose me
I can die many times
but I can't live like I'm dying.
I can cry many tears
but that can't stop
me from smiling.
I can feel many feelings
But they can't stop
me from thinking,
I can miss a few ocassions
but I cannot miss life...
I can own a few diamonds
but I cannot sell time
I can wait for eternity
to set my soul free
But I cannot wait for you
to see what I mean.
So I am taking one more step
I'm leaving you here,
I'm setting myself free...
I am approaching the darkness waiting to finally see.....